Do You Know Light Casters

What is a light duty casters? How to define light duty casters?

A single, hosted on the 30-200 kg for light duty castors. Adopted its stent 2-4 thick plates pressed together, suitable for long distance transportation.

Light casters can be used in hospitals, food and beverage and other kinds of occupations, with scroll features such as flexible, quiet, no wheel marks.

Most caster bracket by spraying, zinc, chrome, unsightly rust resistance.

Light casters may adopt the following installation: screw, flat, holes and so on. There are screw-type movement, plate type fixed, flat-plate campaign-style series, single wheel can choose different material, such as rubber wheel, nylon wheel, polyurethane wheels, products with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to impact, rolling bearing capacity of flexible, accurate track, big, the mute feature.